Thursday, December 02, 2004

Olbermann v. Harris or is Keith cracking under the strain.

This story has turned strange. But before the commentary check these 2 accounts.


It really is he said she said at this point and I can't tell you who to believe.

My inclination tells me to distrust the MSM but with the ratings that MSNBC garners on any given night MSNBC could hardly be called "main stream".
I like Olbermann and to his credit has covered this story when all others did their very best to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what could be seen by the world as a Coup D' ETAT in the USA. But my fear is not Olbermann, but his producers. The likes of a man named Phil at MSNBC who bet the farm on Joe from the redneck Riviera, Joe as you see has more guest hosts than Johnny Carson. In fact last night the guest host on that 10PM show was Monica Crowley she is just back from and episode of Nip/Tuck and daughter of the man OZZY sang about twenty years ago. Not to get off the subject. Mr. Olbermann is feeling pressure from those above like Phil. And it is probably not easy to justify this story to people who put on shows like Hardball and Scarborough Country. So before we roast Keith lets just remember he is the lone wolf in the forest of fascist TV. Meanwhile Bev Harris is fighting like hell against people like Theresa LePore who knows from experience what to do to steal an election for bush. Ms. LePore is a stealth republican planted by Jeb to run Palm Beach Elections. She used to work for Poppy.

We need to stay on this story today and tommorow and until every vote that is cast is counted.

This is why we need a Ben Bradley on our side.

Stolen Election 2004


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