Sunday, November 28, 2004

Best Blog Source on the Theft in detail!

If you are on any forum or discussion and someone uses the word conspiracy to describe anything to do with recounts of "irregularities" you are talking to a troll/rfreeper/bushie etc. There are trolls on many popular sites trying to marginalize this stolen election. DO NOT LET THEM!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

BlackBoxVoting now out with lawsuits and coverups!

Check BlackBox for details. This is a statewide problem with results in many counties being shuttered from public view. WHY?

In Ohio a judge had denied request for an earlier recount. The tried and true method of republicans is to run out the clock. Why else would they choose a leader named Delay. The ususally slow holiday schedule will not be followed if at all possible here at stolenelection. If we see a break in the news It should be here fast!

Stolen Election 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

Look for an Update from BLACKBOXVOTING

Bev Harris is saying that she will have a significant update sometime tommorrow.

Stolen Election 2004

US Election: Democracy in Question

Yet another article on what's looking more and more like organizations spread across state line to steal the vote and install a fascist dictator.
Common Dreams

Stolen Election 2004

Friday, November 19, 2004

Olberman update. New coverage on the Berkeley numbers.

Friday Evening!
Check this anchors blog! He is the only "mainstream" journalist/pundit covering anything related to this story, other than scoffs. Today the Dow Tanked, the dollar fell, Oil prices spiked, treasuries dropped and gold push up yet again. The confidence in the United Stated is being called in to doubts because the world sees that the worlds greatest nation can't even run an election. The world is turning their back on us because their turning their back on BushCO!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

More wired news from Stolen Election New Hampshire

Nader's effort in the Granite State are one layer of this onion. Other State's other Layers.,2645,65736-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1

For those fans of statistical analysis check this Diary from daliyKos

More regular updates and hopefully more votermarch regulars will drop by for comments!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"BREAKING" Return to the scene of the crime "BREAKING"

This is still in the early stages on Tuesday night at 10PM But Bev Harris from has uncovered some materials in FLORIDA the site of the last stolen election that indicate vote total in some counties were bogus!

Stolen Election 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004


According to the Cobb website they have now nearly reached the goal and there will be a recount of Presidential ballots in the “Buckeye State”.

Stolen Election 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Excellent Coverage from Indymedia!

This page from the Portland Indy site has good coverage. And from the looks of this site the corruption by the Republican Party in this election can only be call a coup. Read the particular article about the Lock down in the media. We at VoterMarch remember a big day in the History of our group. On May 19 2001 we had a March through Washington DC. We started across the street from the Whitehouse and made our way down past the Supreme Court to the West Capital Steps. We had thousands of marchers from as far away as California and representation from 18 states including the Florida! CNN devoted a small blurg. Do we wish we had Air America back then.

Stolen Election 2004


Donate a few bucks. Let's be honest we gave and gave and are a little disappointed. But the time is now to pitch in again and give to the cause of having all of the votes counted. So you only feel like giving tens bucks, DO IT!

This is the Cobb site.
Your Help Needed for Ohio Recount!

Stolen Election 2004

Sunday 10PM Eastern. Hannity promo on "STOLEN ELECTION" leads into Drudge show.

Internet "guru" and bU$h whipping boy Drudge yaks on Sundays about the virtues of bushCO and other banal topics.
Tonight the promos for Hannity were bits from his past weeks "program". In these clips hannity was on fire about the stolen election and lying about how left wing wackos are clueless. Translation the wingnut world is getting ready for the firestorm. They can see further ahead than we can and are trying to get ahead of the spin. This is how they calm the the rank and file. And we do mean "RANK".
We are going to be hearing alot more this week about RECOUNTS & FRAUD!

Check the Olberman blog for fresh meat.

Continue to check



Stolen Election 2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004

For News Headlines go to here's a sample

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting has launched a fraud audit into Florida. Three investigators (Bev Harris, Andy Stephenson, and Kathleen Wynne) are in Florida right now. We will initiate hand counts on selected counties that have not fully complied with our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request by Monday (Diebold counties) or Tuesday (other counties).

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: We have reports that both David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) will be filing for official recounts in Ohio. Black Box Voting is also launching a fraud audit in Ohio. Gotta be replaced: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Please invoke the following name change on Blackwell immediately, as he is 2004's Katherine Harris. He should now be referred to at all times as "Katherine Blackwell." Please retain this moniker for any future runs for governor. How to be your own media. Spread the word. Latest Katherine Blackwell outrage: Failure to properly account for provisional ballots, and refusing to allow citizens to see the pollbooks.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is implementing fraud diagnostics on the state of New Mexico. Information we recently received is indicative of widespread vote manipulation. We are not going to publicize the specifics here.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is requesting legal assistance for a specific county in Georgia. Indications of corrupt voting processes, with possible criminal actions by local officials.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is launching a fraud investigation on Pima County Arizona.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is launching a fraud investigation on the state of Nevada. Pro bono legal help certified to practice in Nevada, needed immediately. Multiple irregularities. Need people to take affidavits from election workers, statewide.

BREAKING -- FRIDAY NOV 12 2004: Ralph Nader to audit Diebold machines in New Hampshire. According to Nader, the current situation with voting machines warrants investigation. Several elements make voting machines "probative" for investigation, according to Nader, a consumer affairs lawyer: proprietary ownership, secret code, vested interests, a high-value reward, and lack of any real consequences, or likelihood of getting caught, for vote manipulation. "We are told that shenanigans are just politics," said Nader at a press conference on Nov. 10. "Well, it's not politics. It's taking away people's votes."

Stolen Election 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"FAUX NEWS" forced to cover Stolen Election

On Thursday's Special Report with Brit Hume, Hume had that usual nauseating chat with "Uncle Punch" John Fund. It's FAUX News so they reassured each other and those poor mindless souls who really believe FAUX NEWS. We'd put up a transcript but why when the air is fresh here. The point is the Jeannie is escaping and the rank and file republicans need another valium.

Stolen Election 2004

MSNBC Keith Olbermann "voting irregularities" = STOLEN ELECTION

Stolen Election 2004
We'll have a transcript in the morning!
Olbermann's program the Countdown lead with the voting story again this evening. This is the only coverage this story is getting.

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have joined th effort to open Ohio. If you can donate even 5 dollars it will help!


Vote Fraud News

The Moderate Independent.
Kerry on the Case?

Al Gore continued to fight for 37 days before he got scalia'ED! John Kerry quit after lunch on the first day leaving this up to Ralph Nader and even less well know candidates. What are your feelings?

Todays Headlines

Conspiracy theories about presidential election flood Internet
It's not a conspiracy anymore its fascism!

Ohio Still Counting Provisional Ballots
Want news about America? Check Overseas...,1282,-4608181,00.html

A Note On The Presidential Election in Ohio
by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
A Democrat every American can count on!

Ralph Nader Calls for Recount
Nader to the rescue!

More later when there's breaking News check our site

Welcome to the VoterMarch Blog!

We will be, as we have been since the first stolen election, advocates for all the voters in the United States of America. If this concept is new to you, you may have some catching up to do. Much of the political blog world is now abuzz with "voting irregularities". Well four years ago the republican vote swallowing machine did not work as well as it seems to have this time. You may recall that the supreme court had to finally stop the counting of votes and select the pRESIDENT. This year they got they're act together to make sure that they had enough bogus votes and suppressed enough real votes to go over the top.

Visit our site and link to our new site for news and action alerts.

VoterMarch has worked through the last four years to bring to light what happened in Florida 4 years ago. The media has failed to report so we will. We have sponsored marches, rallies and book parties. We even had the chance to follow justice scalia around one sunday afternoon protesting outside his speech and dinner party.
We are aching to work with the more established online communities and lend our expertise into what is now the second stolen election.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Welcome to Stolen Election 2004 Blog

Welcome to Stolen Election 2004 Blog

Louis J. Posner, Esq.