Monday, January 31, 2005

This comes from DailyKOS but the news on this is sparse.

BREAKING: Press release RE: Election Fraud
by free speech zone
Mon Jan 31st, 2005 at 13:16:17 PST

WARNING: This post is about the 2004 election and exit polls. It is about facts and fraud. If such topics tend to throw you into a fit of uncontrolled rage please make yourself useful over here where I am gathering facts, graphs, and stats to use in SOTU rebuttles.
Thank you.

For Immediate Release: January 31, 2005


(US) - A new study (See report at was released today co-authored by prominent statisticians and vote-analysis experts from a diverse range of Universities including Notre Dame, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Cornell, and Temple. Their study strongly refutes the `explanation' by pollster Edison/Mitofsky (E/M) that their exit polls (Kerry winning by 3%) differed so widely from the final certified tally (Bush by 2.5%) due to Kerry voters' answering pollsters questions at a higher rate than Bush voters.

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For Immediate Release: January 31, 2005


Zack Kaldveer, Commnications Director, CASE America, 510-938-2664

Susan Truitt, President, CASE America, 614-270-5239

Joan Krawitz, Executive Director, CASE America, 847-962-5290


Experts conclude unprecedented 5.5% discrepancy between exit polls and final tallies indicate possible systematic, nationwide shift of the vote

(US) - A new study (See report at was released today co-authored by prominent statisticians and vote-analysis experts from a diverse range of Universities including Notre Dame, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Cornell, and Temple. Their study strongly refutes the `explanation' by pollster Edison/Mitofsky (E/M) that their exit polls (Kerry winning by 3%) differed so widely from the final certified tally (Bush by 2.5%) due to Kerry voters' answering pollsters questions at a higher rate than Bush voters. The US Count Votes report "debunks" this hypothesis and adds to the mounting evidence that the answer to the exit poll mystery lies in the vote counting, not the accuracy of the exit polls.

"The new Edison/Mitofsky report fails to provide any evidence to substantiate the hypothesis that Kerry voters participated in exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters, or that exit polling errors caused exit polls to favor Kerry by 3% when Bush won the election by 2.5%," said Kathy Dopp, President, US Count Votes. "The possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly."

Among the revelations uncovered in the study was that the response to exit pollsters was actually higher in precincts that strongly favored Bush than in those that strongly favored Kerry. This contradicts the E/M hypothesis that Kerry voters' tended to cooperate more, and suggests that if anything, the exit polls may have been skewed towards President Bush, not Senator Kerry.

"The report's findings add one more study to a growing list that indicate our democracy was compromised on November 2nd by an assortment of un-democratic tactics," said Susan Truitt, President and Chief Counsel, CASE America. "Putting faith in partisan corporations to correctly count our vote `with secret proprietary software' was a catastrophic mistake. We should be spending less time worrying about bringing democracy to Iraq and more time working to ensure we practice it here at home."

CASE America (The Citizens' Alliance for Secure Elections) is a non-partisan, pro-democracy organization that is partnering with The National Ballot Integrity Project to ensure elections are free, fair, accountable, and accurately reflect the intentions of the voters. The group plans to achieve these goals through research, information and education, grassroots organizational and leadership development, and support and pursuit of various legal and legislative initiatives.

Other key reports detailing the overwhelming evidence suggesting possible electoral fraud are: "Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio", by Rep. John Conyers; "Evidence of Election Irregularities in Sohomish County Washington", by Paul R. Leto and Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman; "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections", by; "The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy", by Dr. Stephen Freeman; and "New Mexico State Election Data", by Ellen Theisen and Warren Stewart.

Problems found in nearly every post election investigation, all of which favored the re-election of the President, include: voting machine shortages; ballots counted in secret; lost, discarded, and improperly rejected registration forms and absentee ballots; touch-screen machines that registered "Bush" when voters pressed "Kerry"; precincts in which turnout was suspiciously high, including many which had more votes recorded than registered voters; precincts in which the reported turnout was suspiciously low; and high rates of "spoiled" ballots and under-votes in which no choice for president was recorded.

Among the electoral reforms CASE America and other pro-democracy organizations are calling for are national voting standards, a voter verified paper trail, non-partisan election officials, the mandatory counting of every vote; and the abolishment of the Electoral College.

A taste of what you will find at USCountVotes:

Press Release:
Monday, January 31, 2005

Prominent Statisticians Refute 'Explanation' of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results.

President Bush won November's election by 2.5% yet exit polls showed Kerry leading by 3%. Which was correct?

"There are statistical indications that a systematic, nationwide shift of 5.5% of the vote may have occurred, and that we'll never get to the bottom of this, unless we gather the data we need for mathematical analysis and open, robust scientific debate.", says Bruce O'Dell, USCountVotes' Vice President.

The study, “Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report”, was co-authored by a diverse group of professors and academicians specializing in statistics and mathematics. The USCountVotes team included Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D., Temple University Statistics Department; Kathy Dopp, M.S. in mathematics, USCountVotes President; Steven F. Freeman, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar & Affiliated Faculty, Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania; Brian Joiner, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics and Director of Statistical Consulting (ret), University of Wisconsin; Frank Stenger, Ph.D. Professor of Numerical Analysis, School of Computing, University of Utah; Richard G. Sheehan, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Finance, University of Notre Dame, Elizabeth Liddle, M.A. (UK) Ph.D. candidate at the University of Nottingham, Paul F. Velleman, Assoc. Professor, Ph.D., Department of Statistical Sciences, Cornell University; Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University; Campbell B. Read, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University. Their study does not support claims made by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International that exit poll errors were to blame for the unprecedented 5.5% discrepancy between exit polls and official 2004 election results.

According to this analysis by a group of senior statisticians, the new data just released by the exit-pollsters shows that the possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously. “Now we have statistical evidence that these reports were the tip of a national iceberg. The hypothesis that the discrepancy between the exit polls and election results is due to errors in the official election tally is a coherent theory that must be explored,” said statistician Josh Mitteldorf.

Their paper titled "Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report" notes that the Edison/Mitofsky report offers no evidence to support their conclusion that Kerry voters “participated in the exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters”. In fact, the data provided in the Edison/Mitofsky report suggests that the opposite may have been true: Bush strongholds had slightly higher response rates than Kerry strongholds.

The statisticians go on to note that precincts with hand-counted paper ballots showed no statistical discrepancy between the exit polls and the official results, but for other voting technologies, the overall discrepancy was far larger than the polls’ margin of error. The pollsters at Edison/Mitofsky agreed that their 2004 exit polls, for whatever reason, had the poorest accuracy in at least twenty years.

USCountVotes, a nonprofit, non-partisan Utah corporation was founded in December 2004. Its mission is to create and analyze a database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States; to do a thorough mathematical analysis of the 2004 election results; and to fully investigate the 2004 Presidential election results. USCountVotes actively seeks volunteers and accepts donations to help make this unprecedented civic project a reality – visit for further information.

For more information, contact Bruce O'Dell, Vice President of US Count Votes, in Minneapolis, MN: 612-309-1330

The statisticians' study is available online at

The full text of the Edison/Mitofsky report is available at

USCountVotes is new, volunteer scientific research project to objectively investigate the accuracy of elections in America.

Voting accuracy is a controversial topic: More than 27,000 anecdotal reports of irregularities in the 2004 election were submitted to the independent "Election Incident Reporting System". An alleged pattern of discrepancies between exit poll results and final tallies in several key states is still regarded with suspicion by many observers. In response to Congressional request, the General Accounting Office plans to launch an investigation into the security and accuracy of voting technologies, the distribution and allocation of voting machines, and counting of provisional ballots.

The Interim Report of the Social Science Research Council's Commission on Election and Voting states that "... incomplete data and insufficient transparency of the election administration process do not allow for a conclusive statement regarding the accuracy or fairness of specific results..."

Compounding this crisis of confidence, many electronic voting machines do not create a paper audit trial, and as a result an independent recount cannot be performed. These machines may malfunction or possibly even be reprogrammed by malicious insiders, with no independent method of detecting that a problem occurred. Concerns about potential problems with unauditable electronic voting machines are widespread in the computer science community; in a recent survey of US members of the world's oldest and largest computer society, 95% of respondents opposed deployment of unauditable electronic voting machines.

Our Response: USCountVotes proposes to create and analyze - for the first time ever - a database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States. This rich mine of data will be made publicly available and analyzed by our project's affiliated mathematicians, pollsters and statisticians, as well as by an independent peer-review board. Our goal is to use this data to develop and test techniques to reliably detect precinct-level vote counting errors worthy of investigation.

By the national election in November 2006, for the first time in American history, it could be possible for candidates to be reliably warned of indications of machine or human-caused vote count errors in time to challenge the results. With a sound scientific approach and methodology, it may be possible for USCountVotes' project staff to develop statistical evidence in support of legal filings and serve as expert witnesses for candidates, regardless of party affiliation.

Stolen Election 2004

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year & down to the last 2 days. Will a Senator come forward to reject the OHIO electors.

On Thursday in a joint session of congress the electors will be tallied. If no senator comes forward then chimp boy steals it again.

Stolen Election 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Breaking! Yahoo News Headline on OHIO Recount vanishes.

The article can still be found here

but it was only on the front page momentarily! This is big and the article expounds some familiar themes that we have explored here. Manily that there are shenanigins of a rovian nature involved. And to use a word borrowed from the headlines the nature of the plot is vast.

Stolen Election 2004

Monday, December 13, 2004

Trolls here we got trolls here!

How'd you find the truth here you must be lucky! C.Y. and jenk1 glad to see you are here to learn the truth! W was not elected and listening to and believing the MSM can be a serious detriment to reality.


Stop listening to Lush Windbag and Pawn of insanity!

Stolen Election 2004: Monday the counting begins!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Monday the counting begins!

Right wing (nut) media may have moved on but on Monday the recount is set to beginin Ohio!

It is also time to start talking about rejecting the electors in the US House!

Stolen Election 2004

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Harris V Olbermann or Oblermann V Harris: We lost!

The only coverage other than PBS, the blogs, foreign press, or the TinFoil Art Bell Coverage that this MAJOR story has been reduced to a blurb, tacked to the end of a Ukraine story.

For those who have not heard of the spat between Bev Harris from BlackBoxVoting.Org and Keith Olbermann sole anchor covering the "STOLEN ELECTION" it is an Ugly tale. Bev Harris is now on the outs at DemocraticUnderground.Com (DU) as well.

This is not the forum for their arguments.

Where do we turn now, I have links!

DU is still an excellent source for breaking news.

Bob Fertik is still the king for us folks who have been around since the last stolen election.!

Always stop here! Doing our best to get the lasest news about this coup.

Dailykos has some good diaries on florida, ohio and the other states. anotherblog and on the money. He has link to some good black ops stuff that harkins back to the nixon years if proven to be true.
A source I found recently that looks good.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

C-Span's Washington Journal. Ohio Recount Lawyer.

This is a video clip from C-Span

ENJOY! t_HT=205&Rot_WD=

Stolen Election 2004

Olbermann v. Harris or is Keith cracking under the strain.

This story has turned strange. But before the commentary check these 2 accounts.


It really is he said she said at this point and I can't tell you who to believe.

My inclination tells me to distrust the MSM but with the ratings that MSNBC garners on any given night MSNBC could hardly be called "main stream".
I like Olbermann and to his credit has covered this story when all others did their very best to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what could be seen by the world as a Coup D' ETAT in the USA. But my fear is not Olbermann, but his producers. The likes of a man named Phil at MSNBC who bet the farm on Joe from the redneck Riviera, Joe as you see has more guest hosts than Johnny Carson. In fact last night the guest host on that 10PM show was Monica Crowley she is just back from and episode of Nip/Tuck and daughter of the man OZZY sang about twenty years ago. Not to get off the subject. Mr. Olbermann is feeling pressure from those above like Phil. And it is probably not easy to justify this story to people who put on shows like Hardball and Scarborough Country. So before we roast Keith lets just remember he is the lone wolf in the forest of fascist TV. Meanwhile Bev Harris is fighting like hell against people like Theresa LePore who knows from experience what to do to steal an election for bush. Ms. LePore is a stealth republican planted by Jeb to run Palm Beach Elections. She used to work for Poppy.

We need to stay on this story today and tommorow and until every vote that is cast is counted.

This is why we need a Ben Bradley on our side.

Stolen Election 2004